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Excellent Tubular Motor Manufacturers & Suppliers (2023): Top Picks for high quality

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Tubular motor is an electric motor embedded in a cylindrical structure which composed of a tubular casing, a drive assembly, a brake assembly, and a stroke control assembly supported in the tubular casing through a bearing seat. It is typically used on motorized window shades, roller blinds, projection screens, awnings, etc. Besides, it has the advantages of the small footprint, energy saving, and quick start-up.

JIECANG is absolutely an EXCELLENT Smart Tubular Motor Manufacturers and Suppliers in the world. Our specialty products are DC/AC tubular motors, Venetian blinds motors, drapery motors that have high quality and reasonable price. We aim to create more value for smart modern life through researching and developing tubular motors which can satisfy customer who needs a luxurious and effortless experience.

These years, with satisfactory quality, price and service, JIECANG has established a long-term and stable cooperation with a number of intelligent curtain companies at home and abroad. The company continues to launch high quality new products in the field of tubular motors and emitters.

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