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How Does Jiecang 100% Follow MATTER'S Step

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As we all know, the Smart Home industry uses a large number of solutions at present, including devices with different communication protocols such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, cellular or wired. It seems like convenient and easy to operate. Actually, they are seriously isolated from each other. And it pushes customers have to choose one of them because of budget. Something is badly needed to help people solve these problems.

So, MATTER comes to bring the Smart Home world closer together and make it a more connected, comfortable and helpful place. It can promote smart products to weak brand binding, enable users to have more choices between products and brands. What's more, it can solve the long-standing "fragmentation" problem in the field of Internet of Things, and truly realize the value of Internet of Things. Briefly, people can use Google products through talking with Siri, and also can control Apple products by using Amazon voice device. Anyway, MATTER is absolutely a professor in enhancing the interoperability between smart home devices in my opinion.

Next, we will talk about How Does Jiecang 100% Follow MATTER'S Step.

MATTER 1.0 support lots of smart devices, such as air conditioner, cameras, sweeping robots, televisions, CURTAIN MOTORS(also called tubular motors), and so on. As a technology company focusing on Research and Development, production and sales of linear drive products, we aim to fully prepare for customer needs, and realize common development. Therefore, Jiecang had quickly approved projects and developed MATTER standard products to 100% follow the step of MATTER. At the IWCE Show in North Carolina in April 2023, you will see our NEW MATTER motor of Jiecang. Believe it or not, you must will be surprised and buy it without doubt.

Usually, smart curtains/blinds with Jiecang tubular motors can be controlled by specific APP or remote controller. But with MATTER, we can use all kinds of devices which has permission of MATTER to control curtain that contains our new MATTER standard tubular motor. It not only makes our smart life brighter, but also promotes a major breakthrough in the fields of smart curtain. For better smart life, Jiecang is always on the way.

I believe that MATTER will get everybody 'talking' without 'language' barrier. So does Jiecang!

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